Wednesday, the middle way day

“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.” – C.G. Jung

This morning while taking photos of a beautiful waning gibbous Moon, my mind wandered into la la land. At one point I was laying in the wet grass, back flat to the Earth, while asking my hands to “just hold still.”

Deep breath in, then press the button while exhaling. That’s what the photography experts say, or what they all tell you they do. However, in reality, we all hold our breath–even though we know it may add a little wiggle to the shot.

Of course all the cats came to see what fool hardy thing I was up to at 7am, while laying in the wet grass, with a giant lens protruding from my face. One or two sniffed me, to make sure I was alive, while another thought I made a very nice bed.

When the Universe gives you a bit of ground to lay on, a few warm cats to snuggle you, and a clear blue sky to gaze into — you just roll with it.

For about 10 minutes I just laid there staring into the Infinite. Breathing in, my being draws nourishment from the surroundings. Breathing out, I return that abundance to All That Is.

A bit calmer, seriously grounded, and fully nuzzled by kitties, I breathe in. Breathing out my camera is still, and I complete the shot.

Much love.

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